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Why Buying Heirloom Plants and Seeds Matter

Heirloom plants are open pollinated plants which have the ability to reproduce themselves through their seeds. These seeds will produce offspring that is genetically the same as their parent plants. The significance here is that you can grow 100% organic produce from these seeds without having to generically engineer or hand pollinate them. The plants get pollinated through the open air and are grown until full maturity before they are harvested. Without heirloom plants, the health of the human race would be in jeopardy.

The 20th century has certainly seen a lot of changes within the agricultural industry. Food companies are now bioengineering seeds in a way that will enable them to grow faster. This allows more crops to be harvested at a faster rate, so that more food can be available in the supermarkets for our growing population to purchase. However, the fruits and vegetables that come from these crops have fewer nutrients and more toxins in them. And as a result of all the bioengineering, it is decreasing the number of heirloom plants and seeds that currently exist. It is at the point now where you have to go to a private organic farm in order to find heirloom plants because they are so rare. But if you purchase these plants or the produce derived from them, you are promoting their conservation. In a way, heirloom plants are like an endangered species of animal. They have been on the earth for thousands of years and are now becoming under attack due to human interference with the natural process. If we don’t save heirloom plants and seeds soon then we will end up eating nothing but genetically modified foods. This will result in more health problems for people and the eventual extinction of the human race.

Did You Know?

A non-profit organization called the “Seed Savers Exchange” has been dedicated to saving heirloom crops from extinction for about 30 years now. Their goal is to conserve America’s endangered food crop heritage so that future generations can consume the crops and keep up the tradition of heirloom plant and seed conservation. Anyone can make a donation by visiting their website at

So what do you choose heirlooms or hybrids?

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