Guest Blogger: Ode to the Not-So-Ornamental

In my previous garden, I planted herbs and vegetables in neat rows in raised beds in the backyard, and I planted flowers in the front and along the sides of the house: day lilies, daffodils, hydrangeas, lilacs, and a rogue patch of mint. I don’t know why I did this, except that it seems like what I’d always done, what everyone does. You look at your front yard; it’s a post card. Curb-appeal.

But the backyard houses the real business of lettuce-growing and soccer playing and burger eating.

I no longer really have a front yard per se, so the line has grown fuzzy.

Flowers don’t look merely ornamental to me anymore. Unless by ornamental, you mean that bees are gold diggers, and flowers are the diamond earrings that lure them into spending quality time with the squash. Read More…


Guest Blogger: Spring Planting Surprises

When I say this farm is an adventure, what I mean is: despite the predictable circuit of the seasons, you never really can predict what’s going to happen next. For instance, our family was just adopted by a cat. Believe me when I say we did NOT see this one coming. He was one of a new litter of feral cats that have been sadly multiplying in our area, but instead of scrambling into the brush at our approach, as his brothers did, he nosed his way closer, curled up on the seat of Aaron’s tractor and staked his claim. Read More…

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