Hello Spring!

Even though it’s currently snowing…

Nursery News

Blueberry, strawberry, gooseberry, grapes, raspberry, blackberry, elderberry. Apple, plum, peach, and pear trees too! And Chestnut trees! Even some Ginko and lots of Figs!

We added some more heirloom veggies to our offerings, and are testing a few others in the production beds before we give them our stamp of approval.

We are growing more of our own flowers this year (and learning lots!) We have natives and wildflowers, lots of succulents, and plenty of edible flowers too!

Growing Grove

Things are jamming down in the production beds.  Even with the snow predicted today, on Friday we put in a few early tomatoes.

There’s a little bit of everything here, from the big 1lb monsters like Cherokee Purple and Brandywine Pink to the small Black Cherry, with some funky stuff like Cosmic Eclipse, Dark Galaxy, and Atomic Grape thrown in too!

The lettuces are really starting to look beautiful, and the other cool season crops are in and growing too.
Outside, we trimmed the grapes WAY back, hoping for a harvest this year to make jellies and jams from!  Under some of the grapes, we built up a hugelkulture bed to plant sweet potatoes in later this spring.

Kids Corner
When you come into the greenhouse, ask us to show you what the kids have planted for sale this year!  They’ve been hard at work filling and seeding trays, dividing and transplanting starts, and propagating various other plants.  Sales of some of these plants will go directly to fund future projects for the kids to do.

Raising chickens is next, methinks.  A friend dropped by Friday and left behind an incubator for us to use!  Now all we need is literally egg money.

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