Independence Celebration Update:

Happy 4th – Independence through the urban food chain

What ways do we celebrate our independence?


Gather friends and family

FOOD…more on this later

Thank a soldier

Pray that we can keep our independence

Pay it forward…

My favorite way to show independence is by creating independence through making food and pollinator gardens the buzz around town. Let’s grow things to eat and become independent in the food chain, the urban and suburban food chain. We can share food and kindness across backyard fences and rotate crops to each other from harvested seeds. It’s timely and starting small is the key, as well as starting now. Simply grow a plant in your house or outside then move from there. Grow it, Harvest it, Share it, Eat it, Save seeds or take cuttings for next year. Sorry, now you’re hooked because it’s so fun savoring life and the delicious fresh food you just grew.

We have the freedom, let’s use it to our advantage and Grow, Grow, Grow!