Here at Antioch Urban Growers our Passion is not just growing healthy, organic, non-GMO plants, but also growing healthy confident People through education and community building. Our slogan is “We Are Rooting For You” and we really are! Our desire is that we attract Green and  the not-so-green thumbs alike, and help them realize that ANYONE can GROW!

We have a vision of Sustainable living in the urban communities. And are gathering a Wealth of knowledge around us to ensure this vision reaches out to fulfill the rising need!


Our Services

  • Provide Organic / Heirloom Plants
  • Worm Casting
  • Raised Bed Construction
  • In home Hydroponic Systems
  • Edible / Native plant Landscape Planning / Installation
  • Speaking engagements



Our Team

Mark Samborski

Growers Cheerleader Mark has 30+ years growing experience. He has a deep vision for educating the community on how to grow something and how to be successful at it !!! If you come to the green house you will find him encouraging a new grower, building community with all our...

Ben Samborski

Ben has a passion for the sustainable living! He is constantly looking for new ways to optimize and improve growing practices. When you visit the greenhouse you might find Ben coordinating and supporting our volunteers or creating new methods and machines that take this greenhouse to the next level!